• Gender empowerment and women’s empowerment do not aim to promote one sex over another. Rather, gender empowerment is the ability for men and women to participate equally in society at the household, community, and national levels, especially regarding economic and political decision-making.
  • Women’s empowerment narrows the focus when there is a gap in equality and equity in order for women to have the ability to realize their full potential and participate in society as decision-makers. Both gender empowerment and women’s empowerment work to create a balanced society.
  • Gender equity deals with justice and fairness and means that women and men have the same opportunity, taking into account their respective needs and historic disadvantages.
  • Gender equality means and that men and women are equally valued and free from stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination so that opportunities do not depend on being a man or a woman. Gender equity can be a pathway to gender equality.